Dispersed Architecture Model

The genius of the dispersed architecture model lies in its incredible distribution of load which greatly reduces system response time. Responsible for this task are remote agents that listen to the parent application (EasyDCIM) and carry out the delegated commands in real time using a dedicated API. More tasks completed within a shorter time? All the better!

Secure Network Control

Keeping data center locations and different system components separate is the key to guaranteeing their infallible security. Remote agents in EasyDCIM fulfill this role by performing the delegated tasks only within the specified subnet and reporting directly to the master application. From the long-term perspective, such a communication model is not only extremely convenient to data center administrators, but even more importantly - highly effective in safety terms.


Remote agents in EasyDCIM operate closer to end devices, thus minimizing the underlying problems with network latency and performing many more queries within the specified time. Now look at this process from the perspective of thousands of data center devices and see for yourself what makes multi-threaded architecture such a huge time and nerves-saver!

Unlimited Scalability

Worrying that the more complex your data center becomes, the more demanding its management will get? Remote agents in EasyDCIM may seem pretty simple in principle but are invaluable in terms of future company growth. Because each remote agent works in a separated location, you can freely expand your infrastructure or switch from one server to a more high-powered one, without disturbing the network integrity. Progress does not have to be scary anymore!


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